Natural Tendencies

Are you using your natural strengths?

Did you know that over 70% of people are trying to hide and fix their weaknesses, instead of putting attention on their strengths and things they are genuinely interested, excited and passionate about…?

And… Did you know that the most successful people in any field are doing the latter…

If you could become one of them, would you be interested in learning more?

Start by doing the natural tendencies test and analysis!

Natural Tendencies (TM) is an analysis and training that helps people identify their natural tendencies and build on their natural strengths.

Goal of Natural Tendencies training is to create realizations and increase understanding of the differences turning them into strengths in an individual’s life and a team’s (and company’s) interactions and functioning.

bannerExperiential Live Natural Tendencies Training!

Imagine it’s 461 BC in Athens. Democracy is at its infancy. You get to choose what you do, where you do it and how you do it during peace and during turbulent times…

Discover your natural tendencies in an immersive, experiential game that will will allow you to explore and experiment in a safe and fun environment!

Eero Tunkelo co-created this training/game with Clinton Swaine who is The World Leader in Experiential Business Training. This training/game is unique and is not offered anywhere else.

When ordering, mention that you would like to include this in your training package.

Meet your Trainer / Coach and Mentor:

cropped-MG_5327-e1423006837408.jpgEero Tunkelo is a licensed Natural Tendencies (TM) trainer and coach with decades experience in personal and professional development and executive level career in Technology, Finance and Training industries. In addition Eero has MBA in sustainable business, M.A. in Educational Innovation, B.Sc in Science of Creative Intelligence, B.Sc in Mathematics and Ph.D in Cybernetic Transposition. He is passionate about development of people and teams and is looking forward to bringing tons of self-realization to you and your team.


Natural Tendencies AnalysisNatural Tendencies Analysis + Training
* Individual (30-90 minute training)
* In a group online (6 week s 1-2h /week + 90 min training)
* For a team in workshop form 1/2 day (4h) to 3-5 days

To Get Started…

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eero (at) luontaisettaipumukset (dot) com
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Trainings are held in Finland, UK and the USA. Flight and accommodation might apply. Contact to schedule a time that works for you and your team.

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